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Sequoyah Nuclear Plant/TVA

Sequoyah Unit 2 Steam Generator Replacement

Phase I

Preparatory work while Unit 2 Steam Generator continues running at 100% power

  • Bluegrass Core drilled (30) 4” diameter x 27” deep holes on each of the four, 3’ thick steam generator compartment roof plugs to be removed. This left as little as possible to drill once outage began.
  • Used slurry trap rings to keep water contained due to possible contaminants as well as recirculated cutting fluids to significantly reduce overall project volume.
    • Temperatures in upper containment while the unit was in operation required shift change every 90 minutes to keep work flowing.
  • Core drilled (14) 1” diameter holes on containment dome.
    • (10) 1” holes for determining plumb locations for SCV liner to be cut.
    • (4) 1” pilot holes for rigging alignment and to install water control.

Phase II

Critical path work done once outage was initiated

  • Core drilled remaining 9” of all 120 holes.
  • Four wire saws set up on steam generator compartment (dog house) roofs to cut simultaneously.
    • Two on each side
    • Cut at an angle to facilitate plug removal.
    • Each of the 4 plugs weighed approximately 72 tons.
  • Core drilled (4) 10” diameter holes on both sides of dome for rigging to remove concrete dome plug.
  • Bluegrass designed and fabricated angled plates for exact drilling.

Site Specific Challenges

Water and slurry control

  • Bluegrass worked with SGT to develop a water containment system that would use a PVC based gutter system to drain the slurry into barrels, removing the need for a global enclosure. Once captured in the barrels water was then recirculated to the wire saws, eliminating the need for continuous water.

Time management

  • Bluegrass was able to reduce it's overall schedule by 3 shifts.

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